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Timing and Quality


Now that you have brought your new pup home understand that the first thing that he must have is his space for comfort and security that is his own. This should be his crate . On coming home the crate should be placed in a place where he can be part of the family but be able to observe the activities and sounds of the household. This method works wonders especially if there are children and other animals in the home. Communicate with the pup while he is in there so he knows all is good around him. 

This space in time you will see will always be his comfort zone. NEVER use the crate as a form of punishment.


CONSISTENCY is the key word and you as the owner must understand that for now outside is not a place to play .

Have a little bell at the front door and ring it and say lets go out . As he gets older you will see him go to the door and try to ring the bell. Little triggers like this really do help the process.

Have key words that  you will use and frequent the same location where the pup can smell his scent. After he does his business praise repeatedly and let him know how good he did . You also can use small treats but I prefer that  praise works just as good because remember they are eager to please you.

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