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About the Breed

The first question in looking for a pup is understanding what their background is, as every dog has instinctive behavior attached to their breed.

Dachshunds are a very unique breed. They are loving and loyal and make wonderful companions. They live long lives 12-14 yrs and fall in the middle scale for exercise requirements making them a very suitable dog if their home  is an apartment. Their personalities are all so different but stay consistent to what a Dachshund is all about.

Dachshunds originated in Germany. In history they were meant to drag badgers from the den and track wounded game. As time has gone by they have evolved into being a very faithful loyal pet that you can always count on to be a warm companion. They make wonderful Therapy dogs as they love human contact  as much as we enjoy them. 

Dachshunds today have been in the Top 10 Most Popular Breeds for AKC [American Kennel Club}

Dachshunds come in many colors and types of coats. Long haired,smooth and wired hair. Sizes  are Miniature 11lbs and under, Standard 16 to 32 pounds and then there is an in between size called tweenie.

Dachshunds love other Dachshunds, which I need to say that once you have experienced all the love and laughter that these little dogs have brought into your home you will be hooked and  want another.

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