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My Story

Throughout my life I have always known that I have had a deep understanding about how we communicate with animals and how they give back to us. My journey had started with the purchase of my first horse  Morgan she was 5 years old and green. Training her through the years had  taught me so much about communicating without words but with body language and touch. Through her kind eyes and trust in each other we became a team and very trusted friends.  When I use the word TRUST that is the number 1 word in understanding  the behavior of animals. While raising Morgan in Vermont I also started  my other passion, breeding.  I chose  Border Collies as I was amazed on how intelligent they were and how their communication skills were fascinating.


Living in Vermont I knew that I would be able to match them with what they were bred to do. They were all purchased  and placed to good working homes from working on farms to being a companion to a handicapped child . That was such a rewarding experience having all my pups successfully matched with their owners. Every dog had a job and was a match with the owners lifestyle. Because of my one on one attention given to all my pups  they are all very well socialized  and use to being handled and spoken to.


In 2011 my husband and I decided we wanted to move closer to our children in MA so  in my last year in Vermont my vet knew somebody with a litter of Dachshunds and one needed a home, His name is Strudel . Here is where I began to understand how these little dogs are such wonderful loyal companions.  I became involved with training strudel as a therapy dog, this is where my journey with this breed started and continues today. The Dachshund is one of the most loving, loyal, and guaranteed to bring humor into your home.  I love all my pups and they surely know it, so when you pick out your pup I am confident that you will get that love and bond in return.

All my pups are exclusively AKC Registered and go home with a health guarantee. My goal is to produce healthy happy Dachshunds with good confirmation and beautiful coats and have the potential to be the healthiest mentally and physically. The temperaments of my pups are wonderful.  The line has been developed for over 18 yrs with champions in the line.


One of the things that I recommend to all of my buyers is that you start the bonding process with your pup by coming to visit after 5 weeks old. This has proved to me that when the pup goes home it is an easier transition. Names would have been taught and the potty training started. Making it much easier for the new owners. When you choose one of my puppies I will always be there to help you at any time.

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