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Every dog loves his treats just as we do. As we try for ourselves to find healthy alternatives for our treat cravings we also must do this for our four legged friends.

So in my research I found that coconut oil was the secret to the mix. I make a variety of all natural treats that my dogs LOVE!!. 

I would like to explain the benefits of coconut oil for your pup. Coconut oil improves digestion, Improves any dogs skin and coat, reduces allergic reactions and has antibacterial, antiviral properties. Balance in diet is so important. Just like ourselves too much of anything can give adverse affects   . Keeping your dachshund at his ideal weight is a must for his body structure. Do not give high calorie snacks as they will add unwanted weight. 

   One special training treat that I love to give to my dogs are beets. Simply wrap the beets up in foil .Bake at 400 for 1 hr. let cool then peel and dice for great training treats. Keep in the refridgerator. You can eat as well!!! Enjoy

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